I get it, choosing things can be difficult. There are always so many options and so many different ways to do the same thing. Well, even though that is the case, there is always something that stops us from picking certain things. Hold on a minute, I’ll explain. So, say there are two pairs of shoes that look super cool and you aren’t sure which one to pick, what would have you pick one pair and not the other? Well, a few things. What size are they? If one is a size larger and the other is your size, you have already begun narrowing things down. What about their prices? Is one way out of budget and the other one within it? How about the look of them? Do you like ones style more than the other? These are things that can ultimately help us make decisions and they can help us make decisions when it comes to pavers too! So, enough of these visual examples, it’s time to help you choose a type of paver.

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Okay, so what if your home gives off a certain vibe. Like, maybe your home gives off a warm feeling in terms of color. Getting some cool colored pavers like grey or silver blue might throw the whole thing off! That is why it is important to make sure that you get some pavers that will still fit within the color scheme that you have for your home. So if you have a warm look going, then perhaps get some warm looking paver and if you have a cooler color scheme then you need to get some cooler pavers.

The point of getting a pavers installation in Jacksonville is not to make your home look like it’s confused. You want everything to match and have a constant theme. This makes your home appear more put together and proper. If you had a whole bunch of different color themes and feelings around your home, it would probably be a bit confusing. That’s okay though, that is why we are here to help you. We know that you just want to have a nice looking home and that is why we hope these tips help you. Color is important when choosing a type of paver. If you want to go ahead and get yourself a yellow brick road, just make sure that it doesn’t distract from your home too much.

Large or Small

There is a difference between large and small pavers. A pretty big one actually. Large pavers are great but… well, there are a few flaws I would say. For one, large pavers make a space feel and appear smaller. So far, that already isn’t awesome. I mean, if you want to have a space that looks and feels small, by all means, go ahead and get some large pavers. They will make your space feel smaller but if you have an area that you want to give off that vibe, go ahead.

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Small pavers are super great because they make an area feel bigger. Also, unlike with large pavers, smaller pavers make an area feel bigger. Also, smaller pavers are more durable that the larger ones. I mean, I would think that large pavers would be more durable but then again if you really think about it, it makes sense that the smaller pavers would be able to hold up better. Well, honestly for you, it really just depends on what type of look that you are looking for for your home. If you want large pavers, then you should go with large pavers and if you want small pavers, you should go with small ones. It really just matters what type of look you want to go with and it’s also a good idea to do your best to make sure that everything matches and nothing looks crazy, you know. The point of pavers is to accentuate your home, not draw attention from it.


Now, I’m sure that you know that cost matters. I mean, you can’t really just buy anything without thinking about price unless you are just a millionaire and you really just don’t care about price anymore. If you are still a normal human being, then you should consider price. Larger pavers might not cost as much because you need less pavers to cover surface area, you know? So, just take a look at the budget that you put aside for pavers and figure out how you can apply the things we talked about. Good luck.

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