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Why Visit Jacksonville, Florida

Visiting Florida is always great fun. With amazing weather and amazing beaches, you are certainly in for a treat. With lots to do and lots to see, Jacksonville, FL is the place to be. Most travel plans usually just contain the same places; Vegas, L.A., New York, Miami, etc. However, do you have Jacksonville, FL on that list of places to visit? If not, here are some reasons why you should. 

Reason 1: Jacksonville has great natural attractions.

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Do you like nature? Wish you could see more trees, rocks, and dirt? Well, come to Jacksonville! With over 80,000 parks including Big Talbot Island State Park and Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens, you really won’t have a shortage of nature and dirt; how fun.

Reason 2: Go for the food; that’s the real reason people travel after all.

Food is always a major reason that people travel, and it’s understandable. With so many different food options around the world and the indescribable pleasure that you get from eating good food, it isn’t a surprise. With southern cuisine and great seafood options, Jacksonville is great to visit! If you are into seafood, then Jacksonville is certainly the place to visit if you want to try the unique seafood scene in the Eastern Seaboard. Locally caught Mahi and flounder make for some delicious dishes!

Reason 3: Do you like art? Great, so does Jacksonville!

On the first Wednesday of every month, you can stroll through Art Walk, you can explore the Museum of Contemporary Art, and of course, there is always the amazing Cummer Art and Gardens. Some people really like art and if you are one of those people, then you definitely want to visit Jacksonville! I mean, it is one of the top art destinations in the country after all!

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Reason 4: The Spectacular Beaches

The beach is a great place to visit. It’s an amazing way to relax and unwind and just soak up some sun rays. Maybe sit on a nice towel and have a nice picnic, bring a book and lay back, or go to the beach to literally just take a nap! Jacksonville has more coastline than any other city in the United States and a large portion of it is freshwater or enclosed waterways. You can paddleboard, kayak, or even rent a boat! What fun!

Reason 5: There really is so much to do!

Whenever you go somewhere to travel, you definitely want to have a plethora of things to do so that you don’t get bored! Well, saddle up yourself and the children, because there are lots of fun things to do. Such as: 

The theme park Adventure Landing:

Theme parks are always great fun and this one has twelve waterslides!

Autobahn indoor Speedway:

A fun place where you can ride go-karts up to fifty miles per hour!

Sweet Pete’s: A great spot to stop by and try the delicious sea salt caramel!

With this and more fun things to do in Jacksonville, FL, it’s a wonder you haven’t been there yet! 

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