If you were wondering to yourself, “why should I seal my pavers?” Then you are in the right place. I’m going to give you a few reasons why it is important to seal your pavers and hopefully after this, you will decide to get your paver sealed! It really is a wonderful idea to seal your pavers because then you get such a wonderful look and much more! Sealing it can do many things like raising your home’s value, better its appearance, and even bring you joy! So, without further ado, let’s figure out why we should seal those pavers!


Pavers can give your home such an amazing look. I mean, look around, how many homes do you see with pavers? Probably a whole lot, right? Exactly. That’s because pavers make a home have a whole new look. If your home was paver less, then it just looks… um… paver-less; just a lot of grass and rocks, and dirt. That’s not bad; really it’s not. It’s just that perhaps you would like to look at some beautiful pavers instead? Pavers really make a home pop, especially when you get some really nice ones. I bet you’ve seen some great pavers.

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Now, a problem is, after some years, those pavers start to look nothing like they used to. They look dirty, cracked, moldy, stained, etc. Why did this happen and what can you do to assure that it doesn’t happen again. Well, you seal them!  Sealing your pavers will help to protect them from the dangers that they face. Some adversaries are your car, the weather, the sun, etc. Your pavers deal with a lot and considering you can’t just pick them up and bring them inside whenever the weather gets bad, you are going to need to do something to protect them. That’s where sealing comes in. Sealing your pavers will help to protect them from the sun, the weather, your car, everything. Sealing helps those pavers that you spent money on to stay looking how they looked when you initially got them! Isn’t that great? All the more reason to seal those pavers


Like I mentioned before, those pavers of yours are going to go through a lot. Without a proper seal, they will look not so good fairly quickly. All those times that you drive your car back and forth across those pavers, you are making them weaker and weaker. Eventually, they will start to crack and wear down, giving you some not so great looking pavers. Sealing then will help to prevent all of this. Why? Well, because sealing your pavers will actually work to make them more durable.

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Did you know that the leading cause of cracked pavers is weeds? Yes, when the weeds grow up through the pavers it causes them to crack and break. Don’t waste time spraying weed killer or having your children go out into the yard and pick the weeds, just seal them!

Sealing your pavers will help to stop the weeds from cracking them. The pavers aren’t the only thing that is sealed. The sealant seals the pavers and the cracks around them preventing the weeds from growing at all. If grassy looking pavers are not your idea of ideal paver appearance, then this is the thing for you!

Raises The Value

Sealing your pavers will also help to raise the value of your home. Now I know that you must think that I’m a nut saying that pavers will help to raise the value of your home but it is actually true. When you seal your pavers, because that sealant will help to protect the pavers from all sorts of weather and the like, the potential owner will see it as something great and realize, “Hey, I don’t have to seal these!” Not to mention because of the great look it gives to your home, the potential homeowner will be wowed by the amazing look of your home!

If your pavers are not sealed and are in bad shape, you have to take that into consideration when someone comes to look at your home. I mean, they are going to see those pavers and think, man, those pavers need to be completely removed and replaced. If you are looking to sell your home, you don’t want the possible homeowner to look and think about all the work they have to do. If you seal your pavers though, this is something that you don’t have to worry about because your pavers will always look great!

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