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Pavers, pavers, pavers. There seems to be a debate about which is better, pavers or concrete. Well, did you know that you could have concrete pavers too? Concrete pavers are great if you are looking to do something different but not so expensive. Asphalt is another type of paver material that is pretty popular and quite durable. With so many paver types to choose from, it can be a little complicated to decide on just one, but if you go with our top rated paver installation company, then you will certainly find just the right pavers for you

We pride ourselves in being called one of the best paving companies in Sawgrass, FL. We didn’t get this way by just sitting and looking around at all of our co-workers. We became one of the best by doing what the best do. We learned about the best ways to install pavers, we learned about the different types, what materials work best in what climates, etc. We can answer any questions you have so that you feel safe and comfortable when getting your paver job done because you know that we know what we’re doing and you know that we will give you an amazing paver installation in Sawgrass, FL.

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Driveway Paver Installation in Sawgrass, FL

Getting a driveway is almost as much fun as waking up on a holiday morning, eh? Well, maybe not for everyone but it is for some people! The best thing about getting a driveway is that new driveway smell. When something is new it just smells like it is, right? Well, you will be able to enjoy your new driveway smell when you get your driveway pavers installed by our Sawgrass, FL, paving company. Having a poured concrete or asphalt driveway is great, but it isn’t like pavers. It lasts for a while and it is pretty inexpensive, but where is the curb appeal of asphalt and plain ole’ poured concrete? Oh right, there isn’t any! Pavers do cost more and they take longer to install, but they don’t have a curing process which means that if there are any mistakes we can fix them right away. It also means that your driveway will be ready for use quicker!

If you have a gravel driveway and think that you are okay, think again. Gravel is very not cool because it kicks up dirt and debris, gets dirty and muddy over time, and is constantly shifting and sliding, causing holes, dips, and lots of empty space. It’s packed loosely so it honestly just never looks like a finished driveway. Pavers on the other hand look finished and have sleek lines and smooth surfaces. You really should consider getting a driveway paver installation in Sawgrass, FL.

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Pool Paver installation in Sawgrass, FL

Having a pool most likely means you have pool pavers for it. If you don’t, that is probably because… actually, I have no idea why you wouldn’t have pool pavers. They are pretty much as essential to the pool as water is. Now I know that might seem like a bit of a stretch but see it from my end. You have a pool, you get in, have some fun, splash around, all the rage, whatever. Now it is time to get out of the pool and instead of stepping on grass, you’re stepping on wet dirt. How gross and uncomfortable because now, you are going to trek that wet dirt into the house.

Let’s run another scenario. You are in the pool splashing around and having fun, all the good stuff. Then, you decide that you want a break so you climb out of the pool to sit on the side and just dangle your feet in. After some time you hop back into the pool only to find that you have now trailed the entire backyard in the pool with you! This means that you are going to have to get it cleaned more often and that is money out of your pocket that you could have saved if you would have gotten a pool paver installation in Sawgrass, FL. I’m just saying. Think about it.

Walkway Paver Installation in Sawgrass, Florida

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Asphalt is a proven and extremely useful paving choice. That’s why it’s used everywhere you look! Asphalt is super easy and quick to install, especially by paving professionals and only takes a few hours to dry. Another popular paving material is concrete, but concrete can take up to a week to cure properly. If you need a driveway installation done fast and done well, call Jacksonville Pavers Guys for a free quote on an asphalt driveway, walkway, commercial space or any other job you have in mind.

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The most important part of every paving company is the workers! Our paving team is very knowledgeable about paving procedures so feel free to ask them any questions you might have. Our paving contractors in Sawgrass, FL also know how important you are. As our customer, we know that you are the most important part of your business because without you, we would not be. We rely on our paving contractors to treat you kindly and to treat you with respect. To not take advantage and to do their job quickly and efficiently. 

When you need a top-rated paving company in Sawgrass, Florida to come by your property and give you an amazing paver job, we are the ones to call. After getting a paver job done with us, you won’t want to go anywhere else. 

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