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Is It Cheaper To Lay Concrete or Pavers?

This is one of those questions that don’t really have a set answer. I mean, it really all does depend on a couple of factors and what look you are going for. Getting either concrete or pavers are a great idea if you are looking to add something to your home. Having just grass can get tiresome and gravel is a bit of a hassle. Deciding on concrete or pavers is a great idea, but you shouldn’t just choose a paver type based on price. I mean, you wouldn’t want to choose a gentle paver for your driveway otherwise your car will break in a short time. Don’t just choose pavers or concrete based on price, choose something that works for you. If you are thinking of installing a new driveway because you are thinking of selling your home, then perhaps you should go with pavers because then your home will have an increased value!

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When we say concrete, we mean poured concrete. Poured concrete is a great idea if you are just looking for a simple driveway or walkway and you aren’t interested in anything too fancy. It’ll run you about $4 – $8 per square foot which is less than pavers which can run you up to $15 per square foot, sometimes even more. The only thing is, over time, you might end up spending more on the repairs and the maintenance that you might wonder if the concrete slab was ever a deal after all.

Concrete can be more than a slab or average pavers though, it can also be stamped concrete. If you’re not sure what that is I’ll explain it to you. Stamped concrete is when you design concrete to look like other paver types such as slate, brick, or even wood! It’s quite impressive in looks and it’s very durable. The downside is that it costs just about as much as a paver job if not more. If you really want it for the look, go ahead, but if you are thinking about the price, this is not the one.

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Pavers cost more than concrete, up to and sometimes more than $15 per square foot, but for good reason. Pavers take a lot of work to install. They are very labor-intensive with more than five steps preceding the installation process. With all that work to be done, it’s no wonder they’re costly. On the other hand, they don’t cure. If there is ever a mistake in the process, the paver can be picked up and fixed. Another great thing is that pavers are quite durable and they come in many different types. There are even concrete pavers. Of course, depending on the type of paver you get, that will determine the price, but I suggest you look into getting some pavers if you are interested. 

So, which is more cost-effective in the end, pavers, or poured concrete? Well, that really is up to you to decide. But also consider choosing the best paving contractors in Jacksonville, FL to help you.

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