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Should I Pave My Driveway?

This is a valid question and I’m so glad you asked. You probably have a gravel driveway and maybe someone tipped you off to the benefits of paving your driveway. Maybe you just figured it would be smart to do so. Whatever the reason, we are here to help you decide if you should pave your driveway. There are a lot of good reasons to, so get ready to learn them!

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If you have a gravel driveway, you are probably already aware of the great benefits it has such as being inexpensive and quite durable. However, with most things, there is a downside. For gravel, it’s the high maintenance it requires, the possibility of sinkholes, and the fact that it can appear quite dirty over time. If these things don’t bother you, by all means, keep your gravel driveway, but if they do, you should consider paving it. 

Reason 1: Gravel is a lot more work.

Gravel is lovely, really it is. However, the constant shifting and moving around it does can be quite troublesome! Not only that, but it can be dangerous for you and for your car if you have multiple divots in your driveway! An asphalt driveway on the other hand is easy to maintain and only requires cleaning about twice a year, seal coating every two to five years, and the occasional patch for any small holes that could appear. If you treat it right, you can have a nice asphalt driveway for 20 years. If that isn’t appealing, I don’t know what is.

Reason 2: Paving your driveway just makes it look better.

Everyone nowadays is trying to be ‘aesthetic’. Well, if you have a gravel driveway, you’re about as not aesthetic can be. As I have said earlier, there is nothing wrong with gravel, but I mean, it’s most definitely not one of the best looking paving materials you can have. Gravel is loosely packed and it’s also constantly shifting. Your driveway will always look half-finished and that is definitely not a good look. A paved driveway on the other hand is a great look. With clean lines and a stable surface, you are most definitely setting yourself up for some great aesthetic. (I overused ‘aesthetic’… didn’t I?)

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Reason 3: A paved driveway is a much cleaner.

After a long, rainy day, you drive up to your home and across your gravel driveway. The mud splatters your car and when you step out, it gets all over your shoes. Now you have to trek that mud all through your house and your long day just got longer. Even on dry days, gravel kicks up so much dust and debris that it’s just a joke! A paved driveway on the other hand allows all the dust and dirt to settle, giving you a much cleaner transition from the driveway to the car to house!

Gravel is a great driveway material if you are just looking for something simple and quick. However, if you are interested in upgrading, a paving job in Jacksonville, FL is what you need.

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