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How much is a paver driveway?

The first thing many people think about when they want to have a driveway installed is this – the cost. Trying to find an average is great, but the only way to find out what your job is really going to cost is to consider the unique circumstances that your job presents. There are multiple factors that will impact the cost of your driveway installation to varying degrees. Having a clear understanding of the individual factors that impact your job will make you more prepared to settle on a price that is fair and right.

The size of your driveway will have a great impact on how much your installation will cost. Many contractors charge by price per square foot. Just telling a potential contractor the square footage of the area to be paved will give them a basic idea of what they plan to charge you. You’ll find that a contactor will ask you about the intended square footage very soon in your first conversation. Much more goes into valuation overall, but the size of the area to be worked on is a great starting point.

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The material that you choose to pave with can be one of the single most impactful factors on the price of your driveway installation. The cost of paving materials can vary as much as there are paver materials to choose from. Just a single tweak in the material of choice can change the price of your driveway in the thousands of dollars. Essentially, the cost of your driveway will go up as the cost of the material rises. Some popular and common materials like brick and concrete are easily fit into calculating an average site unseen. Some materials are more complex to install, for example brick, while concrete is simple to install. The amount of labor that must go into the installation process will affect the price as well. It’s a good idea to choose a material that won’t break the bank!

Every paving job is different. Every single aspect of your driveway installation, from your location to your material can affect the end cost. The only way to really get a reliable average is to take in quotes from local contractors. We recommend that you invite more than one to take a look at your property. An in-person visit will allow you and the contractor to see the unique circumstances of your property and budget accordingly. Arming yourself with smart questions and taking notes during each contractor’s visit is a great way to better understand the job at hand, as well as to vet the ability of potential contractors. Once you’ve had a few contractors quote you, compare the information garnered from each visit. Don’t just go with the cheapest price quoted! Consider the capability of the contractor – which one do you feel gave you the clearest answers to your questions? Which one seemed the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the job? Paying attention to the finer details will land you with a great contractor and a great price for your driveway installation. 

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